Automate deployments to AWS

Automated deployments to Amazon Web Services

With first-class support for AWS, use Octopus to deploy to your EC2/VPC instances today.

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First-class support for AWS

First-class support

You'll be able to connect Octopus to your AWS subscription, and we'll have first-class steps for Elasic Beanstalk, working with ELB's, and other common Amazon services.

Deploy .NET, Java and other apps to EC2

Connect Octopus to your AWS EC2 virtual machines to automate your application deployments. Windows hosts use run our Tentacle agent, while Linux hosts use SSH.

Deploy .NET, JAVA and your other apps to Amazon EC2

Library steps for common AWS tasks

Our community library has dozens of step templates that make working with AWS easy, including:

  • Working with elastic load balancers (ELB's)
  • Creating CloudFormation stacks
  • Using Elastic Beanstalk
  • Calling AWS PowerShell scripts
  • Working with S3 and Cloudfront
Take advantage of our pre-built library steps for AWS